NGC 1499 (California nebula)
Last night had bad seeing and very strong winds that shook the scope enough to smear the guidestar over more than 20 pixels every minute or so. Highres imaging obviously was no good idea under these circumstances, so I decided to try my new Meade f/3.3 focal reducer. Combined with my native f/6.3 scope this gave me f/1.9 and a field of view of almost one degree. Quite a nice alternative to a short focal length refractor. The f/3.3 reducer introduces strong vignetting, but a flatfield gets rid of that without problems.
I also used my new Astronomik Halpha filter.

Taken from the middle of Berlin with an 8" LX200 at f/1.9, Starlight Xpress MX716 camera, video autoguider, Astronomik Halpha filter, 4 fields at 4x10 minutes each.